Last month, the preview of Sudsapda’s Most Huggable Guys cover was released and there were many remarkable editting flaws. Thus, Sudsapda has released the final cover photo where all the mistakes were fixed; the cover now looks believable. Someone with the name ‘IamRunk’ was very kind to scan the photos from the magazine and uploaded into a community website! I’ve cropped some images for a better look :). Enjoy viewing the gallery below…and leave lots of comments about your favorite photos!

PS. Boy Pakorn looks cool and all in the photo above, but huggable?? Nah, I don’t think so….From his face expression, I think he might even punch me if I start reaching out my hands XD.

Top 10 Most Huggable Guys by rank:
1. Boy Pakorn
2. Barry Nadech
3. Porsche Saran
4. Mario Maurer
5. Pope Tanawat
6. Pong Nawat
7. Mark Prin
8. Kao Jirayu
9. Ken Pupoom
10. Pae Arak

credit: Sudsapda magazine, postjung