Margie Rasri recently uploaded a photo with her Pra’Ek, Mario Maurer, from Rak Kerd Nai Talad Sod set. Margie and Mario [M&M] were wearing plain, casaul clothes for filming on that day since the setting was in talad sod (fresh market). After she posted this photo on instagram, many of her followers instantly noticed the change in her hair length. Margie currently has shoulder-length hair in real life, that means she certainly wore a braided hair extension for her role. Another topic that was mentioned was her legs size ><. Some remarked that she’s too skinny, while some are jealous of her legs(!). Comments include “Both of you are so cute”, “I love margie”, “this lakorn is a must watch”, “Margie you’re too skinny“, “Ohh MARIO marry me!!“, “Cutie couple!! Can’t wait to see this film!!!!“, “such skinny legs“, “I wanna watch already“, and “I prefer short hair more

I personally think her legs are too small -.-“;even though I also want to have slim legs…but Margie’s are just too lean and skinny!! She’s so so cute with short hair, especially in Roy Marn, but I really miss her with long hair so I’m liking her look in this lakorn ><.

Her actual hair length

credit: Margie’s