Kamikaze has introduced its new solo singer ‘Timethai‘, a Thai blood 15-year-old boy who loves music, dancing, and singing more than anything. I decided to check out his ‘No More‘ music video because I wanted to see his dancing ability, and I have to say he’s pretty awesome! He’s quite consistent in all his moves; it’s obvious when there were 5 Timethai(s) in the same frame. The song is qute catchy too…but as I watched the MV, I can’t help thinking that this Timethai kid resembles Captain Puthanate at some angles XD. Well..that’s just my opinion, so please check out the MV to see if he looks a bit like Captain :).

Song Title: Rak Kwa Nee Mai Mee Eek La (No More)
Artist: Timethai featuring K-OTIC’s Tomo
Record Label: Kamikaze, RS

Captain’s photo: rakdara.net