Recently Boy Pakorn posted a 3-in-1 photo of himself at Pang Panchanida‘s birthday party with a questioning title “I’m a bitch? Angel? Or pussy cat? So what exactly do you want me to be, Margie?” It was so amusing seeing this picture with a caption to Margie Rasri XD. Seriously Boy, you still look good whether you’re a bitch, an angel, or a pussycat ><. By the way, I really like the cute Mickey Mouse top he wore on that night…but it just didn’t really match his face haha.

Fans’ comments include “can I have three in one?“, “the shirt…and the person…ummm..“, “Pussy bitch angel cat 555, sounds good?“, “P’Boy with wings 😀“, “like your pussy cat pose hahahaha 😀“, “you’re more like devil 555“, “Sexy. !!!“, “Too cute!! Lol“, etc.

PS. From all the comments, I conclude that Pussycat Boy wins!

Boy and Margie at the party

credit: Boy’s and Margie’s