Pope Tanawat has had a lot of works lately even during the flood crisis in Thailand, and one of the works include this MV shooting for the song ‘Don’t Be Sorry‘ by Lipta. I’m anticipating Pope’s acting in this music video since he portrayed an awful boyfriend who prefers gaming and social life over spending time with his girlfriend.

The teaser started with Pope asking his girlfriend “Where are you going?“, where she only answered “Sorry“. Pope’s pissed (well…because she didn’t answer the right question!) and repeated “I asked, ‘where are you going?!’” She answered again with “I’m sorry“. Now Pope became furious and yelled “Get out. Go wherever you like! Leave! Just leave!” She really left…and the song started…then Pope’s voice saying “I promise that I’ll love and take good care of you forever” came up. I guess he’s repenting his actions XD.

PS. In the MV, there’s a scene where Pope was in a pub-like place and holding a green glass with unknown drink inside it, I wonder if this was where the rumor about Pope’s drinking rumor happened, since the rumor came out during the same period as this MV shooting ><.

Check out the mv teaser of ‘Don’t Be Sorry‘ by Lipta below..