Noey Chotika recently uploaded a selca while waiting for a magazine shoot with a caption “I wanna be Bella Cullen !!! haha“. For the photoshoot, she wore grayish contanct lens and bright red lips which contrasted with her fare skin and resembled a sexy vampire.

Comments posted by her followers include “Hahahah u r prettier than Bella!“, “Very beautiful *thumbs up“, “Look like Bella Cullen“, “super model…“, “Woow you look like ariana grande!!!!“, “Cool & beautiful“, “Great eyes“, “Hi pretty! You’re prettier than Bella! I wanna be her too so I can have Edward!!“, “My Edward!“, etc. In my opinion, she’s a very photogenic person and I prefer her with light eyes makeup, just like the photo above :).

Noey Chotika is one of the hottest Nang Rai(s) at the  moment, as she’s filming for two lakorns at the same time after Game Rai Game Rak. One is Mam Gam Daeng starring Chakrit and Matt, and another one is Waew Mayura starring Boy and Marie.

credit: Noey’s