HAMBURGER Magazine, founded in August 2002, celebrates its 10th year by giving out altogether 11 awards to the hardworkers of the entertainment industry. Thai singers, directors, actors, and actresses are awarded in the following categories…

Palmy for ‘The Best Female Artist

‘Pod’ Moderndog for ‘The Best Male Artist

Morm Noi (acting trainer, director, etc.) for ‘Lifetime Achievement

Dome Pakorn Lam for ‘Male Style Icon

Chompoo Araya for ‘Female Style Icon

Boy Pakorn for ‘The Next Male Icon

Yaya Urassaya for ‘The Next Female Icon

Ananda Everingham for ‘The Best Actor

Chompoo Araya for ‘The Best Actress

Pae Arak for ‘Hamburger This Is It

Directors of Fan Chan [My Girl] for ‘Director of the Decade

credits: Hamburger Magazine, siamzone
photos by Jakkapong