Guy Nawapol not only made an acting debut with Horb Rak Ma Hom Pa, but he also had a chance to sing an OST called Hom Ter Duay Rak (Embrace You With Love) for his first lakorn. Since he is the son of Nui Ampol and Marsha Wattanapanich, people are expecting him to sing well, or at least to sound good. Marsha was there with him too on the recording day. Guy said in one article that his mom told him to think of the good feelings that his character felt in the lakorn and sing it by heart ><.

I’ve heard this song before knowing that Guy was the one who sang, and I must say he did a pretty good job. He sounded full of emotion and not awkward that I thought some professional singer sang it. I know singing skill isn’t really needed for this type of song, but it’s different from listening to Pancake or Weir singing for their lakorn. I personally really like this soundtrack :).

Listen to ‘Embrace You With Love‘ and watch the ending credits of Horb Rak Ma Hom Pa below…

1st ending credit:

2nd ending credit:

photo: manager