Seesan Banterng revealed BTS of Ch3′s 2012 Calendar [September Page] + Noi’s lakorn ‘Rak Khun Tao Fah’

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Seeasan Banterng recently revealed the bts clip of September’s photoshoot for ch3 2012 calendar with Chompoo Araya, Great Warinthorn, Art Phasut, and Pop Thakoon. In the clip, the three actors had to carry Chompoo and smile for the camera, but it seemed More


If Thai celebrities were to transform into Disney’s princess characters….


One netizen on Pantip community had spent his time to match the face of Thai actresses with one of Disney’s official princesses. He was able to find the closest look-alikes out of various Thai stars’ faces. If Disney princesses were to transform from cartoon characters More

Oops! Magazine awarded the Best of 2011

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Oops! Magazine has recently announced the vote results for Hottest Couple Of the Year, Best On-screen Couple Of the Year, Outstanding Performer Of the Year, Male Celebrity Of the Year, and Female Celebrity Of the Year.


Chompoo Araya on LUX 2012 Calendar collection

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Under the concept Beauty Inspiration, LUX has made a calendar for year 2012 with Chompoo Araya as its current presenter for shower cream products. Chompoo showed off her smooth and glow skin, which was emphasized by the silky satin dresses she wore. More

Hamburger Awards, celebrating 10 years of Hamburger Magazine, Thailand


HAMBURGER Magazine, founded in August 2002, celebrates its 10th year by giving out altogether 11 awards to the hardworkers of the entertainment industry. Thai singers, directors, actors, and actresses are awarded in the following categories…


Broadcast Thai Television released ‘TomYum Lum Sing’ theme song


The opening theme song of TomYum Lum Sing has been released, the song that has the same name as the lakorn title. There are two versions of the theme song, Chompoo and Por duet version, and Chompoo solo version. TomYum Lum Sing is based on love and More

Father’s Day: Thai dara(s) uploaded photos with their foreign father


First of all, I didn’t mean to be ‘racist’ here. It’s just that so many Thai celebs uploaded photos with their father, so I needed to categorize those photos otherwise there would be too many photos in one article and I wouldn’t be able to write much about each photo.

Chompoo with her father and sister(?) – “Smile dad!!
Chom’s father has been sick in the hospital for quite a long time, but on this day, Chom updated that her father is going home today! I’m happy for you Chompoo Araya 🙂


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