Seesan Banterng revealed BTS of Ch3′s 2012 Calendar [July Page]

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July cover page consisted of 4 well-rounded actresses-Yard Yardthip, Noon Sirapan, Mint Nutwara, and Rita Sririta-under a sexy, yet sweet concept. The beige tone color dresses make them look more feminine and sweet, while the wet body concept makes them look More


Chompooprae (Mint Nutwara) VS. Pearly (Gubgib Sumontip)


Mint Nuttwara recently uploaded the photo above where she made the Nang Rai’s face, eyes gazing at Gubgib with hatred and envy (the same gaze that Chompooprae always did in GRGR XD). Gubgib, on the other hand, made a sad face and stared at the camera More

Teaser photos of Ch3’s 2012 calendar, wall version


Few weeks ago photos from the desk calendar was revealed, this time someone is kind enough to take pictures of the wall calendar for us to see :D. I leave my comments for each photo, but I don’t know if you’ll agree with me :).


Ch3 2012 Calendar teaser photos revealed, who’s with who? (desk version)


As you all know, we only have more than a month left before a new year, 2012, begins. One of the Channel 3’s projects that fans anticipated the most is the release of Channel 3 calendar featuring its famous actors and actresses. Recently, teaser photos of the calendar has been revealed through various websites, including Yaya’s fansite. Do you like the pairing in the photos? Check and judge for yourself!

Hot guys from Ch3's 4+1 Superstar project: Boy, Ken P., Mario, Nadech, Mark


Game Rai Game Rak Synopsis

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Air Time: Friday-Sunday, 20:30-22:30
Broadcast Network: Ch3


Sai Chol (Nadech) who lived in Min Island saw a girl’s body by the shore and decided to save her. When the girl gained consciousness, she couldn’t remember anything about herself including her name, so Sai Chol named her Nang Fah (meaning Angel in Thai). Nang Fah (Yaya) who lost her memory has a behavior of an 8-year-old girl who is so thoughtless and innocent. Sai Chol and Mami (Beau AF5), who had a crush on Sai Chol, took good care of Nang Fah and really adore her. Sai Chol and Nang Fah gradually fell in love with each other and had a small matrimony in Min Island.