On ‘Tee Tai Krua’ tv show, Margie Rasri revealed that she was a big fan of once popular boy band, D2B, that was disbanded shortly after Big passed away. She explained, “It was when D2B was so popular which was almost 8 years ago. At the time, D2B was the presenter of one product that I wanted and I had 500 Baht with me. The salesperson told me that I would get to take a photo with them if I buy more than 400 Baht, so I spent that much and got to take a photo with them.

In response, Tee Tai Krua had interviewed Dan Worrawech about the issue, he said that he’s delighted and thankful to Margie for liking him and D2B. He’s hoping to team up with her in lakorns someday. He heard that Margie likes chocolate, so he also bought a box of chocolate as a gift for her.

source: Tee Tai Krua, ch3
photos credit: In magazine, RS