TV Ratings: December 9-11, 2011


Ratings on Friday, December 9

CH3 – Game Rai Game Rak: Rating of 8.6
CH7 – Nangfah Gub Mafia: Rating of 9.8



Nadech covered GRGR’s OST – Ta Lay See Dum


Nadech‘s free time is so dedicated to playing music and singing. Recently, he was playing his ukulele and singing ‘Ta Lay See Dum‘, one of Game Rai Game Rak’s theme song. Though he played the chords wrong in some parts, and sang wrong sometimes, it’s More

Nangfah&Mafia VS. Nangfah&SaiChol tonight!


Channel 7’s ‘Nangfah Gub Mafia’, starring Weir Sukollawat and Pancake Khemanit will start airing tonight. At first, ‘Hob Rak Ma Hom Pa‘ was scheduled to air on Friday to Sunday, but changes were made and ‘Nangfah Kub Mafia‘ replaced the time slot.


OST of Game Rai Game Rak, ‘Tee Rak’, sang by Pramote [Official MV]

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Song Title: Tee Rak ..
Artist: Oat Pramote Pathan
Record Label: Gmm Grammy


OST of GRGR, ‘Could we be the same?’ by Crescendo [Official MV]

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Song Title: Klub Ma Pen Meun Derm Dai Mai [Could We Be the Same?]
Artist: Crescendo
Record Label: Sanamluang, Gmm Grammy


TV Pool Tonight: Top 5 most popular actresses, Oct28-Nov3

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Channel 5’s TV Pool Tonight, TV entertainment news, conducted a poll on ‘most popular Thai leading actress’. The result was from October 28  to November 3, 2011.

No. 5 – ‘Aim’ Siriphitchaya from Bu Ngah Na Fon, ch5


Game Rai Game Rak Synopsis

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Air Time: Friday-Sunday, 20:30-22:30
Broadcast Network: Ch3


Sai Chol (Nadech) who lived in Min Island saw a girl’s body by the shore and decided to save her. When the girl gained consciousness, she couldn’t remember anything about herself including her name, so Sai Chol named her Nang Fah (meaning Angel in Thai). Nang Fah (Yaya) who lost her memory has a behavior of an 8-year-old girl who is so thoughtless and innocent. Sai Chol and Mami (Beau AF5), who had a crush on Sai Chol, took good care of Nang Fah and really adore her. Sai Chol and Nang Fah gradually fell in love with each other and had a small matrimony in Min Island.


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