Introducing GREEN ATSADAPORN SIRIWATTANAKUL, new ch7 actress


Green Atsadaporn is known more as Green AF5, since her participation in the 5th season of Academy Fantasia reality show/singing contest. Green appeared as an actress in ch3 and ch9 before signing with ch7. Currently, she is having one sitcom and two lakorns with ch7, Horb Rak Ma Hom Pa (airing) and Khun Dech, which is still filming.


Introducing NAO TISANARD SORNSEUK, new ch7 actress


Nao Tisanard made her acting debut in a teenage movie, “Love Julinsee,” many months ago, where she played a character based on her true story. She majored in Thai classical dancing arts and  is studying at Thailand’s most famous classical dance college. Her first lakorn, “Horb Rak Ma Hom Pa,” is currentlly airing on channel 7, on Monday and Tuesday


Introducing MARIE BROENNER, new ch3 actress


Marie is a new actress of channel 3 who will be debuting with 3 Num Nuea Thong. Currently she’s filming both 3 Num Nuea Thong and Waew Mayura, and her co-star in both lakorns is Boy Pakorn…don’t know if Bargie fans will like much about that ><.