The most recent issue of Saranae Dara magazine has revealed that Mam Kathaleeya McIntosh is pregnant again! She has been pregnant for over three months and will be giving birth to her third child around June, 2012. Many netizens were hoping she would give birth to a daughter since she already had 2 handsome sons.

For your information, her first son’s name is “Mac” and her second son has a name “Kin.” Thus, netizens were predicting that the name of Mam’s third child would be “Tosh“, so that THREEgether, her children would spell “McIntosh”!! But if she’s going to have a daughter, a girl name “Tosh” would sound weird don’t you think? XD

>> Mac and Kin <<

>> Kin and Uncle Willy <<

credit: Saranae Dara magazine, pantip,