Few hours ago Kimberley uploaded the above photo with caption, “Help! Cinderella pranom !!! ;-P“. In the photo, Nichamon who currently disguised herself as housekeeper Pranom was surrounded by the two jealous maids of Sornnalai house, Kanya and Saijai.

For those who doesn’t know what’s going on, housekeeper Pranom (Kim) always got blamed by other workers for every mistake that happened in the house and was fired from the Sornnalai house eventually. Meanwhile, Rak Pathiharn [Miracle of Love] is currently airing on Monday and Tuesday, 20:30-21:50, ch3.

Fans’ response to this photo include “poor you!“, “Pranom don’t give up!“, “don’t do anything to my housekeeper na!“, “Love Kim“, and “sanook mak mak (very fun)“.

credit: instagr.am