Ever since her debut at the age of 14, Knomjean has never stop improving her singing. Recently Kamikaze released her new single, Hidden, a song that talks about a love that is hard to forget but has to be hidden and kept secret. The video views on youtube has increased rapidly compared to other videos in welovekamikaze’s channel. Out of all Kamikaze’s solo singers, Knomjean is considered the most successful one…more blessed, less bashed, best voice, and less antifans. Moreover, the main actress in this music video, Wawwa, has a high chance to become the next big thing in the entertainment industry…if lucky and has enough potential. She is going to make acting debut in lakorns next year, so let’s keep our eyes on her!

Song Title: Ya Bok Gub Kao Wa Rao Kei Kob Gun [Hidden]
Artist: Knomjean
Record Label: Kamikaze, RS