Hamburger Awards, celebrating 10 years of Hamburger Magazine, Thailand


HAMBURGER Magazine, founded in August 2002, celebrates its 10th year by giving out altogether 11 awards to the hardworkers of the entertainment industry. Thai singers, directors, actors, and actresses are awarded in the following categories…



Gusjung said Dome is not her ideal type

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Ever since Dome admitted his dating relationship with Gusjung, reporters were busy publishing news and rumors about her and netizens were busy searching for her pictures and profile. Recently Gusjung appeared on the show called ‘Bok Gao Lao Sib’ on mcot More

Benz Pornchita took a monochrome photo with Dome Pakorn Lam(?)

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You might be wondering how is this photo considered monochrome, here is the story….Few days ago at Narm Jai Thai charity event, Benz Porchita uploaded photos of herself with other Thai celebs onto her instagram. One photo that really caught attention More

Dome Pakorn Lam releases ‘Until That Day’ official MV


It has been over 10 years since he last released his single album, now he’s back with his own album once again with the first single called ‘Kidteung [Missing You]‘ or ‘Until That Day‘. In the MV, he started off with a memorable message, “In the world of social More

TV Pool Poll: Top 10 Gays’ Favorite Actors


As the title says, TV Pool has conducted a poll for top 10 Thai actors that gays favor the most…

No. 10 – Rome Patchata Nampan


Dome admitted he’s seeing Gusjung (new girlfriend) + new song & lakorn


Recently there’s a paparazzi shot of Dome Pakorn Lum holding hand with an anonymous girl, who was thought to be June, a girl rumored to be the cause of his breakup with Paint. With netizens’s sharp eyes, however, they were able to find out the girl’s identiy. Her More