Seesan Banterng revealed BTS of Ch3′s 2012 Calendar [June Page]

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Seesan Banterng has recently revealed the behind-the-scene clip of Ploy Cherman, Rome Patchata, and Por Thrisadee on the set of channel 3’s 2012 calendar for the month of June. In the clip, Por and Ploy seemed a little bit shy when Por had to lay his head so More


Broadcast Thai Television released ‘TomYum Lum Sing’ theme song


The opening theme song of TomYum Lum Sing has been released, the song that has the same name as the lakorn title. There are two versions of the theme song, Chompoo and Por duet version, and Chompoo solo version. TomYum Lum Sing is based on love and More

Teaser photos of Ch3’s 2012 calendar, wall version


Few weeks ago photos from the desk calendar was revealed, this time someone is kind enough to take pictures of the wall calendar for us to see :D. I leave my comments for each photo, but I don’t know if you’ll agree with me :).


Ch3 2012 Calendar teaser photos revealed, who’s with who? (desk version)


As you all know, we only have more than a month left before a new year, 2012, begins. One of the Channel 3’s projects that fans anticipated the most is the release of Channel 3 calendar featuring its famous actors and actresses. Recently, teaser photos of the calendar has been revealed through various websites, including Yaya’s fansite. Do you like the pairing in the photos? Check and judge for yourself!

Hot guys from Ch3's 4+1 Superstar project: Boy, Ken P., Mario, Nadech, Mark


Taew’s Bodyguard is..??

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On November 11, Taew Nattaporn posted a photo of Por Tissadee and tweeted “My Bodyguard^^“. Despite the flood in Thailand, the two stars are still busy filming for lakorn at Chiangmai (Thailand’s province in the north). The lakorn they are filming is called “Poo More