If Thai celebrities were to transform into Disney’s princess characters….


One netizen on Pantip community had spent his time to match the face of Thai actresses with one of Disney’s official princesses. He was able to find the closest look-alikes out of various Thai stars’ faces. If Disney princesses were to transform from cartoon characters More


Oops! Magazine awarded the Best of 2011

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Oops! Magazine has recently announced the vote results for Hottest Couple Of the Year, Best On-screen Couple Of the Year, Outstanding Performer Of the Year, Male Celebrity Of the Year, and Female Celebrity Of the Year.


Hamburger Awards, celebrating 10 years of Hamburger Magazine, Thailand


HAMBURGER Magazine, founded in August 2002, celebrates its 10th year by giving out altogether 11 awards to the hardworkers of the entertainment industry. Thai singers, directors, actors, and actresses are awarded in the following categories…


Yaya looking dazzling on wedding dresses in WE Magazine, December 2011 issue


Yaya Urassaya Sperbund has modelled for the latest issue of WE magazine, Thailand. She was dressed in various sleeveless wedding dresses, revealing her long and lean arms and shoulders, and one revealing her sexy back ><. Her hair was braided and tied up More

Pancake Khemanit announces Teddy House’s new Merry X’Mas collection! + charity

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Christmas is coming! Pancake Khemanit Jamikorn proudly presents Teddy House’s new collection, she wrote “New collection !! Merry x’mas @Teddy house siamsQuare“. Pancake owned a Teddy House branch at Siam Square, BKK. At Seed Market on Read more

Sudsapda released behind the photos of Yadech’s December cover


LMAO!!! Now I know where Nangfah with Mustache photo came from XD. Why was Boy Pakorn there?!! He somewhat looked like a Stone Age man in this photo ><. Yaya looked panicked seeing the two guys made that type of face hahaha! I find these photos pretty More

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund freshens up in Lisa Magazine’s December 2012 issue


Yaya Urassya is back on Lisa Weekly magazine cover for the first week of December, 2011. Speaking of current top rising female star, at the moment no one could surpass Yaya or our FahLadda from Game Rai Game Rak. Yaya has proven to us that she’s a More

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