I’ve launched a site ‘inwlakorns.com’ ^^

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Hi everyone, I’ve launched the real site for my own blog ><.
Please go to inwlakorns.com in the future to read more news about dara, lakorns, and Thai songs 🙂

Thank you so much for constantly visiting the site!!
Or if you just passed by, then feel free to become permanent visitors from now on XD.

PS. All media, posts, comments, tags, and categories had also been transferred to the new site for convenience in browsing through the old articles 😀


Knomjean’s newest MV/song, Hidden, becomes a big hit


Ever since her debut at the age of 14, Knomjean has never stop improving her singing. Recently Kamikaze released her new single, Hidden, a song that talks about a love that is hard to forget but has to be hidden and kept secret. The video views on youtube has More

Margie was a fan of D2B


On ‘Tee Tai Krua’ tv show, Margie Rasri revealed that she was a big fan of once popular boy band, D2B, that was disbanded shortly after Big passed away. She explained, “It was when D2B was so popular which was almost 8 years ago. At the time, D2B was the More

Kimberley showed off her curves in Lisa Weekly magazine, Dec 2011 issue


This week’s Lisa magazine featured Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri who was dressed in close-fitting clothing, revealing her sexy curves and glamorous body. She looks amazing in soft gray color clothes which contrast well with red, and looks sexy in the colorful More

Seesan Banterng revealed BTS of Ch3′s 2012 Calendar [September Page] + Noi’s lakorn ‘Rak Khun Tao Fah’

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Seeasan Banterng recently revealed the bts clip of September’s photoshoot for ch3 2012 calendar with Chompoo Araya, Great Warinthorn, Art Phasut, and Pop Thakoon. In the clip, the three actors had to carry Chompoo and smile for the camera, but it seemed More

Boy and Margie are the Bickering Couple Of the Year, awarded by Seesan Banterng


Boy and Margie had tweeted that they were given a title as the Bickering Couple Of the Year by Seesan Banterng, channel 3’s  TV entertainment news program, for year 2011. The couple was rewarded with a pair of tree-like trophy and a white t-shirt printed ‘Koo More

If Thai celebrities were to transform into Disney’s princess characters….


One netizen on Pantip community had spent his time to match the face of Thai actresses with one of Disney’s official princesses. He was able to find the closest look-alikes out of various Thai stars’ faces. If Disney princesses were to transform from cartoon characters More

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