Nadech covered GRGR’s OST – Ta Lay See Dum


Nadech‘s free time is so dedicated to playing music and singing. Recently, he was playing his ukulele and singing ‘Ta Lay See Dum‘, one of Game Rai Game Rak’s theme song. Though he played the chords wrong in some parts, and sang wrong sometimes, it’s More


Note The Star covered Ingrid Michaelson’s ‘YOU AND I’

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Few days ago ‘Note The Star’ or Note Panayanggool uploaded a clip where she covered the song ‘You and I’ of Ingrid Michaelson on her youtube channel. She also played her ukulele, which she is well-known for, and kazoo, her new toy/instrument. Under the video, More

Yaya sang ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ for her Mommy


During ch3’s Kidteung Mae live concert, Yaya got the chance to sing ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ for her mother on the show. In the small interview, her mom commented, “I’m very proud of my daughter because she’s a very responsible person.” Yaya then responded, More

Game Rai Game Rak’s Mami (Beau AF5) flawlessly covered Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours


Many of you may know Beau Savitree Suttichanond or ‘Beau AF5’ as Mami from Game Rai Game Rak. She was first known when she participated in a fifth season of  True Academy Fantasia, a reality show/singing contest back in 2008. Beau was born in June More

Nadech’s solo version of ‘Lucky’

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A day ago I posted the clip of Yaya and Nadech singing ‘Lucky’ in TV3 Star Chat, now it’s time for Nadech’s solo!!

Back in July, 2011, while waiting in Sudsapda photoshoot studio, Nadech who’s definitely loves singing and humming songs sang a cover of Jason Mraz’s ‘Lucky’ while playing an More

Yaya and Nadech covered ‘Lucky’ at TV3 StarChat

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On November 9, 2011, Yaya and Nadech appeared at TV3 Star Chat program and had sung many songs including ‘Lucky’. Nadech also updated that his house is already flooded and he already evacuated from Sukhapibal 5 area. Lastly, they asked for their fans More