Seeasan Banterng recently revealed the bts clip of September’s photoshoot for ch3 2012 calendar with Chompoo Araya, Great Warinthorn, Art Phasut, and Pop Thakoon. In the clip, the three actors had to carry Chompoo and smile for the camera, but it seemed Great and Art were struggling to hold her stably, while Pop, who only had to carry her legs, looked so comfortable. Great revealed that they knew about the concept few months before the shoot, and they’ve tried every way to look fit just for the shooting day.

The clip also introduced Noi Bussakorn‘s first produced lakorn, ‘Rak Khun Tao Fah‘, starring Ken Theeradej, Cherry Khemupsorn, Joy Rinlanee, and more which will be revealed later. Noi disclosed that there will be only one Pra’Ek but many Nang’Ek(s) in this lakorn haha

(watch from 1:44 onwards to see calendar bts)

credit: Seesan Banterng, ch3
photo: dek-d