Channel 7’s ‘Nangfah Gub Mafia’, starring Weir Sukollawat and Pancake Khemanit will start airing tonight. At first, ‘Hob Rak Ma Hom Pa‘ was scheduled to air on Friday to Sunday, but changes were made and ‘Nangfah Kub Mafia‘ replaced the time slot.

Hmm…what was Khun Daeng (owner of ch7) thinking? Did she want to create a controversy and comparison between the two Nangfah? XD

I’m pretty sure netizens will be comparing these two lakorns, and ratings will be revealed, and for sure GRGR would lose (that always happen to ch3’s lakorns anyways).

I guess I’ll give Nangfah&Maifa a try…but I dislike most of Kantana’s lakorn, so I doubt whether I’ll enjoy it. As for GRGR, I might not watch it anymore because I already know the ending from reading the whole lakorn summary ><.

Which lakorn would you choose to watch tonight?