Narm Keun Hai Reep Rak is the next lakorn to be aired after Kularb Satan on channel 5, and the production of this lakorn has just began 4 days ago, on November 28, 2011. It’s not a remake, the story is totally new, therefore the plot has not been revealed. However, it’s easy to guess from the lakorn title itself that the storyline will be based on Thailand’s current situation with flood (narm = water). Exact is being smart by taking advantages from the situation, making a lakorn that viewers could relate to.

The setting of this lakorn is mainly in Rayong, so there won’t be a problem with flood during filming. It’s the first time for Vill Wannarot and Pong Nawat to pair up in lakorn. Other cast include Grace from The Star 6, Dr. Navin Tar, Fang Pitchaya, Nutt Devahastin, and Pei Panward. The genre of Narm Keun Hai Reep Rak is said to be romantic/comedy.

Second lead couple: Grace & Tar // Antagonists: Nutt & Fang

All cast

Three men, three styles

Teaser photo from Pei’s instagram

credit: manager, pantip,