We’ve heard lots of rumor concerning the male lead of this remake version of Rang Ngao, whether Pope Thanawat or Ken Pupoom will get the pra’ek role. Eventually, it’s Ken Pupoom who gets the role Veekit, a role that once brought Ken Teeradeth to fame and success. Whereas Janie will play Mutta and Munin in this version. Many fans were complaining that it is too fast to remake Rang Ngao. If this lakorn is to be aired next year, that means it’s a remake after 10 years, after Ken-Ann version back in 2002. Some also commented that Ken P. looks too young and not compatible as pra’ek with Janie.

Apart from pra’ek and nang’ek, another important cast for this lakorn would be Tanya Tanyares, who will make a comeback with the role of Nopnapa, who will confront with Janie throughout the series.

More photos of Janie and Ken Pupoom….Do you think they are compatible?

My thoughts: I think Ken Pupoom does not look that young, and Janie does not look too old beside him. What matters is Ken P.’s acting skill. He’s still a newbie and I haven’t seen his acting yet, moreover it’s only his second lakorn. I hope that he’ll have enough potential for the role, because people will definitely compare him with Ken Teeradeth – -“.  Also looking forward to Tanya’s comeback! The producer of this version of Rang Ngao is the one who made Dok Som See Thong.

credit: pantip, instagr.am