Yaya Urassaya’s first casting clip in 2007 when she was only 14 years old was recently revealed in Ch3’s Dara Cartoon TV program. In the clip, Yaya introduced herself saying “Sawasdee ka, my name is Urassaya Sperbund, nicknamed Yaya, height 170(cm), weight 47(kg) ka. Right now I go to The Regent’s School at Pattaya ka. I’m in Year 10 ka.” It was obvious that her Thai wasn’t good at all and her accent was definitely not Thai. It’s funny and cute how she said “I go to The Regent’s School” (it sounds right when I translated the words back to English but in Thai it is more like ‘I visit The Regent’s School’) when she should be saying something like, I’m studying at The Regent’s School.

To compare Yaya Urassaya now and 4 years ago, I must say her Thai has improved so much! Her voice’s still as cute as ever. She now looks a bit chubbier, which is good. I was so surprised to hear that she was 170 cm tall since she was 14 though, that’s really tall ><.

Check out her self introduction clip below: