Nong Thana follows his brother’s path by debuting from playing a leading role in several music videos. His most recent appearance is in Amp (The Star 7)’s MV called “Forgiveness,” which was released on November 15, 2011. In here, he plays a good guy who takes good care of a girl who dumped him, who just got dumped by another man. He still loves the girl and is willing to forgive her in whatever she had done. However, no matter how good he is to her, she wouldn’t love him and all she said (and also wrote on the post-it) is “I’m Sorry.”

Nong looks so much like Boy Pakorn don’t you think? Of course they’re brothers, even their mustasche look alike XD.

Check out the MV below:

*WARNING: Be prepared, it’s quite sad 😦

Song Title: Kae Kum Wa A-Pai [Forgiveness]
Artist: Amp (The Star 7)
Record label: exact, gmm grammy