It was reported that on December 15, 2011 in the early morning, Pooklook Fonthip was taken to the hospital to diagnose her eyes condition. She hurt her eyes badly and decided to go for checkups when she couldn’t open her eyes. The doctor reported that she cried too much (probably for lakorns), plus dust and dirts got into her eyes, causing allergic conjunctivitis. In response to her sick condition, Mai Davika and Kwang Farung, actresses of the same channel (ch7), her fans, and acquaintances left messages in Pooklook’s instagram wishing her to feel better and get well soon :).

Pooklook couldn’t open up her eyes, so she needed someone to feed her.

Her eyes….OUCH!!

Dear Pooklook, hope you get well soon! I really appreciate your hard work, and you sang so well in Pleng Rak Baan Na 😀 (best among the four main leads).

UPDATE: She can now open her eyes and her condition is getter better!